Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any teaching on Thursday 6th August 2020?
There is no teaching Thursday 6th August. It is a departure day (up to 10am for residents) where a local taxi firm can be booked for travel to the airport and/or city centre.

Is there any travel provided between Edinburgh Airport and Loretto School?
Due to varying arrival times of staff and students, there is no travel provided directly to Loretto School from Edinburgh Airport. Travel will be to Edinburgh City Centre by tram or bus and then bus or train to Musselburgh. See Our Location for further details.

How long are classes?
Most one-to-one classes are 30 minutes long. Group Classes will vary in length depending on the repertoire and will be detailed on the master timetable which will be displayed on the Music School notice board throughout the week.

Can I watch other classes?
All classes, with the exception of Opera Scenes rehearsals and the Audition Experience class, are open for everyone to observe and that is encouraged. However please find an appropriate moment to enter or exit, so as not to disrupt the teaching process.

How do I book extra classes?
Extra Classes are dependant on tutor availability but can be purchased either on the course or in advance at £40. In 2020 we are offering two extra classes at £70.

How many performance opportunities do we get?
Everyone who attends Oxenfoord has the opportunity to sing in at least one of the Student Showcase Concerts which take place in the evenings at 7.30pm.

Do I bring my own repertoire or is it provided for my classes?
You may bring suitable own-choice repertoire to one-to-one classes, using the class descriptions for guidance. Generally speaking, you should prepare one appropriate piece per class with a second piece available, should the tutor want to work on different repertoire. A selection of pieces will also give you more choice if asked to perform at an evening concert. The repertoire for all group classes, if not already detailed, will be allocated before the course.

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